How Long Does it Take to Smoke a Precooked Ham in an Electric Smoker?

How long does it take to smoke a precooked ham in an electric smoker? It takes around 3 hours to smoke a precooked ham at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. A good rule is to smoke for 20 minutes per pound of ham. The internal heat of the thickest part of the ham should be 140 degrees F. You can check the internal temperature using a meat thermometer. Remember, the ham is already cooked, you just need to smoke the meat and heat it up.

Smoking a Pre Cooked Ham on a Electric Smoker

Are you looking for the perfect meal for Charismas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or your Sunday dinner? A delicious smoked ham is just perfect. Smoking ham that has already been pre-cooked is easy, and you don’t need to keep on checking on it as it slowly cooks in the smoker.

Though very efficient when it comes to smoking pre-cooked ham, an electric cooker can be an issue for other items. You need to know what type of ham you want to serve for that hearty dinner and how long your choice will take to smoke perfectly.

You can choose from many types of ham, including ham steaks, ham hock, picnic ham, whole ham, or fresh ham.

Using an electric smoker is the best and most straightforward way to smoke pre-cooked ham. Smoking ham brings out all its natural flavors. You can also add some glaze, veggies and fruits to add more flavor as it smokes.

Smoking your ham depends on how much your ham weighs and how it is cut.


  • An electric smoker
  • Wood chips
  • A meat thermometer


  • Ham
  • Olive oil
  • Onion
  • powder
  • Ham rub (optional)
  • White and brown sugar
  • Garlic powder
  • Kosher salt

Most of these ingredients are of course not necessary. Its up to you. This is just a way to make your smoked ham taste delicious, but you can of course skip things such as the sugar if you want.

Steps to follow:

  • Mix the spices listed above together in your preferred quantities according to the ham. Apply olive oil to the ham and massage the ham rub gently all over it.
  • Fill the woodchip drawer with wood chips which is necessary when using an electric smoker.
  • Lay down the leveled side of the ham on the smoker rack and insert a meat thermometer from the top to the middle of the ham.
  • Shut the smoker and let the ham smoke for approximately 3 hours. Ensure the ham reaches 140degrees F.
  • After these 3 hours, check if the meat is done to your satisfaction.
  • Using the meat thermometer, probe into the center of the ham and check if it is at 145 degrees F. If not, you can add some more time to it.
  • If not, you can add one or two more hours.
  • Take the ham out of the smoker and set it on a platter. Give it time to cool, slice it up and serve.

Remember these Few Tips when Using an Electric Smoker

  • Always check if the wood chip drawer needs more wood chips. This will help you control how much you want the ham smoked.
  • Use aluminum foil on the grill for easier cleaning of the smoker. This way, your grill has less grease and grime.
  • Keep the vents on your electrical smoker open to avoid creosote accumulation on the meat.
  • No matter the type of smoker you use, be open to trying different recipes once in a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to smoke pre cooked ham?

It takes up to 3 hours to smoke ham on an electric smoker at 240 degrees F, making sure the temperature within it is 140 degrees F. this translates to around 20 minutes per pound.

Is smoked ham healthy?

Ham is rich in minerals, proteins and many more nutrients that are good for our health. It contains selenium, which is linked to lowering heart and thyroid disease rates.

Can you smoke already smoked ham?

Yes, you can. Pre-cooked ham is already smoked often with a hickory flavor. You can add your own unique flavors or strengthen the current flavors by smoking them again.

Conclusion – How Long Does it Take to Smoke a Precooked Ham in an Electric Smoker?

It takes around 20 minutes per pound to smoke a precooked ham at a temperature of 240 degree F. To check, use a meat thermometer and check if the ham is 140 degrees F at its thickest part.

Smoking pre-cooked ham with an electric smoker is easy. There are also multiple recipes you can follow from cookbooks and online. Also, you should know that bone-in ham tastes better than boneless ham. Bones add flavor and moisture to the meat. The only challenge to this type of ham is how to slice it.

Photo: Sliced piece of Smoked Ham on the round wooden board by Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0

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