Smoke Hollow 205 Review [2022] – Best Table Top Grill?

The smoke hollow 205 grill is perfect addition for your barbeques in your outdoor cooking arsenal. Its high-end design and stainless steel build make it a durable option for endless grilling fun with family and friends. Undoubtedly, getting one will meet your grilling and outdoor cooking needs while guaranteeing an easy time carrying, cleaning, and maintaining it. This article reviews the smoke hollow 205 grill and the essential features that make it a grilling masterpiece.

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What Is the Smoke Hollow 205 Grill? An Overview

The smoke hollow 205 is propane table top grill. stainless steel, single-burner propane grill designed with precision and sophisticated artistry. It is also a very portable grill. It’s a lightweight, portable outdoor cooking appliance weighing about 20.3 pounds and measures 19 inches by 32 inches after assembling. Its entire frame and build comprise stainless steel with a no-rust guarantee. Besides, its heat capacity is top-notch and reaches close to 10,000 BTU for all the grilling needs. It’s an excellent value for your money since it offers essential perks for seamless outdoor cooking and fun.

Best Smoke Hollow 205 Features

Thanks to its functional capacity, the smoke hollow 205 is a one-stop solution to your outdoor cooking needs, offering the best bang for your dime. Here are the essential features giving it an excellent approval rating among customers.

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Expansive Cooking Area

This grill offers all the space to enable grilling your stakes and hotdogs at a go. It stretches across a 305 square inch area to help you save on gas. Besides, it also has a warming rack to include your frosty steaks, heating them without keeping them too close to the heat. It’s an ideal must-have if you’re out camping with friends and family since it prepares enough steaks or chops in a single round.

smoke hollow 205 review push button ignition

Easy To Use Push-Button Igniter

You don’t have to carry your matchboxes or fuss with coal and wood since this grill tags along with an easy-to-touch button. This button is usually highly responsive and ignites immediately upon pushing. Better still, it also sets you for emergencies with a tiny ignition hole that helps you ignite manually, should the push button fail to work.

Commercial-Grade Heat Indicator

This outdoor grilling appliance keeps you in the loop about the heat levels, making it pretty straightforward to monitor and adjust. Its commercial-grade heat indicator is incredibly accurate and lets you decide the ideal temperatures to use to prevent burning your food. The grilling heat doesn’t affect the reading regardless, and there are no margins of error to expect.

An Easy-To-Clean Drip Tray

As the steak juices squeeze out, it might create a grimy mess underneath. However, the smoke hollow 205 grill features a stainless steel drip tray to hold the mess and keep your tabletops clean and untouched. The tray is detachable and stainless steel, so cleaning it should be easy.

Locking Hood Latches and Stands

This grill also offers two locking hood latches to idiot-proof it. Besides, these latches provide the grip to maintain pressure on cooking steaks. It also has support legs that fold and a handle on its front for easy carrying.

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Chrome-Plated Warming Rack

You also get a chrome-plated warming rack to keep off rust for as long as you use it. This rack is expansive enough to hold many chops and steaks and settles marginally higher than the heating grid.

Reasons to Buy the Smoke Hollow 205 Grill

There’s every reason to buy this grill, given the bells and whistles it offers. Its outstanding features also perch it above the rest of the grills, and here are the reasons why.


Since it’s primarily built of stainless steel, this perfect assemblage won’t wear out with rusts anytime soon. Stainless steel has the uncanny ability also to resist scratches and abrasions. Therefore your appliance stays all-new on end.


The smoke hollow 205 grill is lightweight and portable, making it a perfect tag for camping, excursions, and other outdoor adventures. You can also remove the propane tank and its legs to make it even smaller.

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Easy to Assemble and Maintain

If you’ve never handled this grill, fret not because it’s easy to assemble and maintain. The assemblage is almost intuitive and won’t take much effort and time. Besides, its stainless steel metal build makes it pretty straightforward to maintain.

Perfect Heat Capacity and High Heat Retention

Most grill models have a problem with heat retention, but the smoke hollow 205 grill seemingly defies the odds. Besides cranking up to 10,000 UBT, it features a double-layer lid to retain it to save on your gas.


Above all, this grid is worth the best bang for your dime, thanks to its incredible features and utmost functionality. A single unit retails at only $75, which is a cheap but worthy buy.

The Cons of the Smoke Hollow 205 Grill

  • Some users report this grill having an uneven heat distribution
  • Heating can be too slow before reaching its peak

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Who is The Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Grill For?

Thanks to its incredible features and utmost functionality, the smoke hollow 205 grill is a must-have for all who want a small grill that easily can be moved around. It is ideal for traveling.

It’s also great if you’re new and just want to tip your toe into grilling, as it is cheap and doesn’t take up all your storage space.

Of all tabletop-grills like this one, it’s definitely one of the best money can buy and is durable enough despite using it frequently.

Hopefully, this guide will offer you enough guidance to help you decide whether or not you’ll buy it.

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