Smoke Hollow ES230b Review [2022]

If you’re an ardent barbeque enthusiast, perhaps you’ve heard about the Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker. And if not, allow us to introduce this proficient product from Smoke Hollow. The Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker is a perfect assemblage for giving your beef, pork, and seafood some unique smoky flavors. It’s a sought-after appliance with the best value for your money and is ideal for your family’s unwinding moments. This article offers insight into this most-loved smoker and every nitty-gritty you should know.

About the Smoke Hollow ES230b Electric Smoker

This smoker is a perfect creation from the Smoke Hollow brand, known for its quality construction and competitive prices. The manufacturer designs it with precision and functionality, with every feature purposely making your barbeques a hit. It’s high-power and equipped with an 800W heating element, ranging between 1500F and 3000F. It measures 18.75″ by 18.19″ in length and width and stands at 33.27″ tall. It’s an ideal smoker and a must-have for barbeque sessions while letting off steam with friends and family.

Smoke Hollow ES230b Electric Smoker Features

This smoker has a plethora of features that will immediately enchant you. Its ergonomic easy-to-handle modeling, matte coloring, and efficient functioning will perhaps make you love it instantly. Here are the essential features you’ll find helpful.

An Insulated Smoker Chamber

You have less to worry about getting burns with heat sticking to the smoker’s surfaces when handling it. Its smoke chamber is adequately insulated, allowing no heat to transmit to the handles or the lid. Besides, its case hardly conducts heat and won’t dissipate it to make your drilling sessions hot and uncomfortable.

Smoke Control

Depending on how thick you want the flavor to be, you can still control the amount of smoke coming from your smoking chamber. Its adjustable air damper is just what you need since it helps you regulate the amount of air getting into this outdoor appliance. That usually varies the combustion rate, letting you choose between thick smokes and thinner ones. Working with the right amount of Smoke helps you create juicy and smoke-flavored steaks you’d love sinking your teeth into.

Digital Panel Controls

Since this appliance is electric, it features a digital control panel for temperature control and time variation. Therefore, it allows you to warm, fast- or slow-cook your stakes or veggies, depending on your preferences. Besides, it lets you turn it on and off and use it at your convenience. This digital display is strategic, allowing you to control your smoker’s functions with ease.

Integrated Thermostat Temperature Control

Unlike most smokers, this model has an integrated thermostat temperature control to let you smoke your meat and steaks. It relinquishes control, varying the temperatures you desire for your juicier and smoky pork, beef, and veggies. Besides, it makes the smoking pretty even, letting heat penetrate inside your food slowly and consistently. That makes it easier to smoke, giving you the freedom to sit, enjoy and relax as your food gets ready.

Chrome-Coated Smoking Racks

Smoking can be a messy adventure, with juices and fats dripping down. And of course, cleaning can be some leg work for you. Nonetheless, the Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker keeps you at ease with its three chrome-coated smoking racks that are easy to clean. You can wipe them up or clean them with detergent since nothing sticks on them to inflict much trouble.

Why You Should Buy The Smoke Hollow ES230B

There’s every reason you should buy this smoker for a wholesome barbeque experience. These include:


This appliance’s durability isn’t a toss-up since it guarantees a long service span. Its casing is rigid and design enviable, made with the precision and purpose of making it a long-serving companion. With good servicing and maintenance, this Smoke will stick by your side forever and a day.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and servicing this smoker isn’t a tough hill to climb and should be effortless. You can clean the racks with ease, de-choke the dampers, and perhaps, wipe them effortlessly.

Good Value for Money

The Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker is one of the most efficient smokers and a sought-after product. Its functionality justifies its price, and you’ll surely love every moment with it.

The Drawbacks of the Smoke Hollow ES230b Electric Smoker

  • The casing can seem thin since its makers design it to be lightweight.
  • It can be pricy for some people.



Knowing that you have the Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker in your barbeque arsenal is enough to let out a refreshing sigh. This outdoor companion has it all to be your perfect smoking companion, and indeed, it’ll add value to your experience. If anything, getting this appliance will be worth your investment.

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