Best Smoke Hollow Grills [2022]

Best Smoke Hollow Grills

smoke hollow wg600b
Smoke Hollow WG600B – Review [2022]

The Smoke hollow WG600b pellet grill is the perfect outdoor BBQ companion for your get-together and party fun. It’s an impeccable improvement of most grills, with more pellet hopper space and an expansive cooking area. Large crowds and numerous empty …

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smoke hollow es230b
Smoke Hollow ES230b Review [2022]

If you’re an ardent barbeque enthusiast, perhaps you’ve heard about the Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker. And if not, allow us to introduce this proficient product from Smoke Hollow. The Smoke hollow es230b electric smoker is a perfect assemblage for …

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Smoke Hollow WG1000S Review [2022]
Smoke Hollow WG1000S Review [2022]

Review: Smoke Hollow WG1000S 30″ pellet smoker. Smoke Hollow is a brand of outdoor smokers, grills, and other cooking products. The company has been in business for over 60 years and offers a wide range of products for home and …

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What is a Smoke Hollow grill?

When it comes to variety and innovation, Smoke Hollow is one name in the world of grills and smokers that definitely lives up to some pretty high standards. The company has been in the business of manufacturing a wide range of outdoor grills and smokers for more than a decade now. And, we have confirmed that their grills are not only well-built but also innovative while catering to a variety of consumers grilling needs. In September 2017, Masterbuilt® Manufacturing, LLC acquired Smoke Hollow (a division of Outdoor Leisure Products, Inc.). Masterbuilt, which is located in Columbus, GA, is owned by The Middleby Corporation and, under the Masterbuilt/Kamado Joe brands, their 2021 net sales were estimated at $250 million.

There are quite a few different grill types available from Smoke Hollow, mainly based upon the fuel they use, including:

  • Combination Grills (like the Pro Series 4-in-1 Gas & Charcoal Combo Grill): They use a combination of charcoal and gas.
  • Pellet Grills (like the Smoke Hollow 30 Inch Pellet Grill): They’re a combination of a grill and a smoker that use pellet-feeders for feeding wood pellets into your heat source, imparting an amazing woody, smokey (yet juicy) flavor to your meats.
  • Portable Grills (like the Smoke Hollow Propane Tabletop Grill): They sit on your tabletop (or tailgate) and are excellent for buffets, camping, and parties.
  • Charcoal Grills (like the Smoke Hollow 36-Inch Charcoal Grill) They’re great for all kinds of grilling.
  • Gas Grills (like the Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel One-Burner Gas Grill): They use propane (or other) gas for heating up the grill and cooking.
  • Smokers (like the Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker): They’re generally large with a door and fixed racks for smoking and slow-cooking meats over long periods of time. They’re available from Smoke Hollow in a wide range of models, some that use gas and some that use electricity.

For example, when it comes to smokers, The Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker is super-easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, set your digital controls, and this electric smoker does all the work for you. And, its insulated construction will keep all the heat inside plus the 800-watt heating element provides evenly consistent smoking. Then, just add your favorite smoke flavor to the smoker’s removable water bowl and you’re ready to start smoking your favorite foods.

Is Smoke Hollow a good brand?

Even when we compared them to some more expensive products, the Smoke Hollow grills and smokers performed quite well. For example, let’s look at the Smoke Hollow Pro Series 4-in-1 Gas & Charcoal Combo Grill. It makes cooking a delicious al fresco family feast really easy. And, the hybrid design allows you to cook with either charcoal or propane. You can even sear your food before you grill it with the handy infrared side burner or enhance the meats you’re serving with a genuine smoky flavor with the offset side smoker. Overall, it measures 53.5 inches high by 23 inches wide by 82 inches long and comes with a one-year limited warranty. All in all, it’s a great multifunction grill at a great price.

There are a few important things to consider when choosing which Smoke Hollow Grill to buy. First is the material that each grill is made of. Most of them are made from either cast iron, chrome-plated steel, heavy-duty welded stainless steel, or porcelain-coated cast iron. Generally, the thicker and heavier the grill material, the better. However, that also means that takes a bit longer for the grill to reach the optimum temperature. But, it also means that the grill will retain heat better as well. In addition, any corrosion will take longer, therefore your grill will last longer. The decision regarding which material would best suit you and your grilling needs depends upon several factors, including:

  • How much time you’re willing to dedicate to the maintenance of a grill,
  • How much money you want to spend,
  • Whether you want sear marks on your steaks or not.

How much is a Smoke Hollow grill?

Smoke Hollow grills generally range in price from around $99.97 on the low end to $399.00 on the high end. What about Smoke Hollow smokers? Well, for example, you can buy a Smoke Hollow® Electric Smoker from Menards online for the sale price of $139.99 (everyday price is $188.99). But then, after an 11 percent limited-time mail-in rebate of $15.40 and another mail-in rebate (good until 12/31/22) of $40.00, you end up paying only $84.59 as the final price.

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