Smoke Hollow TC3718SB Review 2022

Smoke Hollow tc3718sb

Barbeque day can be tiring and disappointing if you do not have the right grill. Some are so smoky that they ruin the special meal on the special day. Some cook unevenly leaving some of your food undercooked and some of it overcooked. Barbequing with a bad grill is just not that exciting.

In this article we will look at the Smoke Hollow TC3718SB. It’s one of the more popular combo grills on the market. It’s is high quality grill, and in this article we will review it’s features and it’s performance.

Smoke Hollow TC3718SB Review of Features

We will now look at the features that I think are the most noteworthy and relevant.

It is a 4-in-1 grill

Unlike other grills where you can only enjoy a smoky or a gas/electronic grill, this unique item offers both. Whether you love the smoky or natural preserved taste, you get them both on one grill. As well as that, it has a firebox located on the far right, which is useful for smoking, and a sear burner on the far left

smoke hollow TC3718SB open

Owning the Smoke Hollow TC3718SB is definitely recommended if you enjoy different types of grilling, but do not want to have a stockpile of grills you need to get out of your garage.

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smoke hollow TC3718SB firebox

The Smoke Hollow TC3718SB is equipped with a firebox, located on the right-hand side.

The firebox is small charcoal grill which is useful when smoking on the side. It is fueled using charcoal, which should be placed in the bottom tray, below the grid, of the firebox.

It is basically just a smaller version of the larger charcoal component, suited for smaller cookouts. You can of course also use the firebox for regular charcoal grilling if you want.

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Smoke Hollow TC3718SB Review 2022

Sear Burner

Additionally, this grill has an additional side burner where you can cook any sauce or side dish as you barbeque. This means that you will not only get to choose between a smoky flavor and a natural flavor, but you will also not use any other stop for the side dish. Something more amazing about the grill is that you can do both simultaneously. Therefore, we can also say it is a time saver.


Smoke Hollow TC3718SB grill does not restrict you in one place. Instead, it gives you an option to enjoy your barbeque day wherever you choose. The item is pretty portable. You do not strain moving it from one place to the other.

The grill has two wheels that will make your movement easier. However, it would have been much better if it had four wheels, but you still do not have to use all your energy to move it. The grill is always ready to roll if you choose to enjoy your day on the ground or indoors (yes its possible to grill indoors, but be careful).

A Large Grill

This grill has a combined cooking area of 596 square inches. The cooking area comprises various functional parts: porcelain-coated wire grids and three stain-free steel tube burners.

The three tube burners measure 7000 BTU each, while the side burner covers 11000 BTU. The tube burners and side burner are big enough to prepare enough dishes for large families.

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The remaining space gives you room for storage. You don’t have to waste time with endlessly walking back to the kitchen. Get all you need and place them on the wired grid, where you will easily retrieve what you need. There is a spacious basket at the front of the grill to keep all the cooking utensils you need during the cooking process.

Temperature regulator

Some people are impoverished in regulating temperature when cooking. But that’s a problem solved if you are in that category when you get Smoke Hollow grill, which has a regulator where you can set the preferred temperature for your meals, aiding you to cook to perfection. This gives you confidence even if you are not perfect in the barbeque sector.


Even though this grill is not all-weather, it guarantees durability. The steel used in making the burners is a strong metal that lasts longer and prevents rust. The grids are coated with porcelain that prevents rust and helps retain heat. Therefore, every part of the grill is long-lasting and has additional benefits.

Besides, the grids are stainless, so you don’t have to worry about health issues.

Keeping it From Rusting

Many grills, like the Smoke Hollow TC3718SB, has a tendency to rust quickly if left outside. To keep the grill top notch make sure to cover it from the rain with a cover or something. It would be even better if you a garage or shed you can move the grill into at night when you do not need it. The grill has two wheels which allows you to move it around fairly easily.

Pros and Cons

  • It is a two-in-one grill featuring gas and charcoal grills
  • The grill is big and has an ample storage space
  • It has two wheels making it easy to move outdoors
  • The grids are coated with porcelain, thus retaining heat and preventing rust.
  • It is made of stainless steel
  • One can cook different meals simultaneously with the tube burners and the side burner.
  • The grill has temperature gauges.
  • It is time-saving since it is electronically lit and can cook various meals simultaneously.
  • It is worth the price
  • It is safe to use since the burners have covers
  • The grill’s bottom shelf is a wire mesh that might be difficult to clean
  • It is not an all-weather grill
  • Parts of the grill may rust quickly
  • It can be hard and time-consuming to assemble the grill
  • It would have been better if had four wheels rather than two

How safe is the Smoke Hollow TC3718B?

The whole grill is made of stainless steel that does not pose any health risks, and the burners have covers too. It also has a temperature regulator, so you can set the temperature and cover your meals.

Can you use both tube and side burner simultaneously?

Yes. There will be no problem using both at the same time. In fact, you will be saving time.

Should You Buy It?

Owning a Smoke Hollow TC3718SB Combo would be the best grill for a BBQ. The grill is large and long-lasting as long as you don’t let it sit in the rain. It has quality features required for a grill presenting unlimited benefits.

The most outstanding feature of this grill is its two-in-one grill: you can either grill with charcoal, or using the gas grill. As well as that it has a firebox and a sear burner. Both the regular charcoal grill and the firebox can also be used as a smoker. The sear burner can produce high temperatures quickly using very little gas, which you can use to quickly sear meat.

We have given the Smoke Hollow TC3718SB a 4/5. It’s no doubt a high quality grill.

What Alternatives are Out There?

The Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 PS9900 – We believe that the best alternative is the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 PS9900. This unit is a very similar to the Smoke Hollow TC3718SB. They are both made by Smoke Hollow and are very high quality products. Check out our review on it if you if it you want to learn more about the Smoke Hollow PS9900’s performance and features.

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