Smoke Hollow WG600B – Review [2022]

smoke hollow wg600b

The Smoke hollow WG600b pellet grill is the perfect outdoor BBQ companion for your get-together and party fun. It’s an impeccable improvement of most grills, with more pellet hopper space and an expansive cooking area. Large crowds and numerous empty stomachs shouldn’t be a problem anymore since this grill gets everything ready quickly and gets the fun rolling. This article reviews the Smoke hollow WG600b pellet grill and all nitty-gritty you’ll savor.

The Smoke Hollow WG600b Grill Overview

The Smoke hollow WG600b is a highly rated barbeque grill with massive customer approval ratings across all review platforms. Developed by the Masterbuilt, this grill is a manifestation of precise engineering and thoughtful assembling, aiming to notch up its functional capacity. Its cooking capacity is overly expansive, more of an improvement of space from other grills. It stands at 44.7 inches tall, and it’s your best shot at giving the outdoor fun sessions a shove.

The Smoke Hollow WG600b Grill Essential Features

The grill has a lot to offer and has numerous unrivaled features that give it its own lane. You can now say no to constant wood chip reloading or keeping your guests waiting for long before gracing their mouths with smoky meat and veggie flavors. Here are the Smoke hollow WG600b grill features that’ll surely mesmerize you.

  • Expansive Pellet Hopper

Unlike most grills, this model lets you prepare your barbeques on end without the need to reload the wood chips at intervals. Its pellet hopper holds sufficient wood, making it possible to cook your turkeys, beef, or seafood without adding wood pellets to keep the fire burning. It can hold more than 16.5 pounds of wood pellets, which is just as sufficient to cook worry-free.

  • Digital Temperature Control

Thanks to its proficient dial temperature control function, you can cook your meats and veggies just as you want them to. That should allow you to infuse the proper amount of smoke flavors and let your stakes simmer as you turn and toss them until they’re ready. It also has a digital readout that lets you stay conscious of your food’s temperatures.

  • Significant Cooking Space

If your miniature grill gets you tight on grips with your hungry guests, the Smoke hollow WG600b grill makes it easier. You don’t have to make servings in turns anymore since you get up to 604 square inches of cooking space, enough to accommodate your guests and let them enjoy without waiting for long. Patch on your turkeys, chicken, beef, and fish on the porcelain coated grates or warming racks and let your food cook effortlessly.

  • Locking Swivel Caster Wheels for Portability

The Smoke hollow WG600b grill is heavy-duty, but fret not since it has twin swivel caster wheels for portability. You can only pull it around to your camping sites or backyard lawns or load it in your truck without an effort.

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The Smoke hollow WG600b Cons

  • The grill’s heavy-duty make can be cumbersome for some people who prefer lighter models.


smoke hollow wg600b grilling

The Smoke hollow WG600b pellet grill is your ideal barbeque partner you’d love to tag along with. It has every bell and whistle for wholesome fun and a worthwhile BBQ experience with friends and family. If anything, this masterpiece is truly the best your money can buy.

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